Lucy who?

Lucy and Design met in high school. It was love at first pixel. As with all great relationships, it was full of sunshine and rainbows in the beginning. Lucy ate, slept, and breathed Design and Design showed Lucy endless possibilities of creativity. Most importantly, Design introduced AOL’s dancing baby to Lucy, which amused her for hours. However, as Lucy entered college, Designed felt neglected. Lucy became fascinated by other interests like Programming. As time passed, life completely separated Lucy and Design as she entered a Big 5 consulting firm after graduation. Design was heartbroken. With just enough courage, Design wiped his tears and pulled himself off the floor and walked away. A few more years passed, Lucy realized something was missing in her life. She reminisced about all the joyful times in her life, and she couldn’t stop thinking about Design. She missed him. The reunion wasn’t an easy one. Every time Lucy visited Design, she was greeted by blank stares and mediocrity. Slowly, over time, Designed warmed up to her. Lucy and Design's journey together began...

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Lucy is an advocate of the Internet of Things (IoT) and humanitarian causes. Follow her on Twitter @llchen7.


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